Why Liberal

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We are committed to liberal western tradition in its entirety. Western principles of freedom and accountability are based in deep European traditions, ranging from the renaissance via the enlightenment to modernity. Liberal principles have been developed over centuries for preventing and opposing tyranny and enabling the rule of mature citizens. Overall, this western cultural heritage contains political principles, philosophical ideas, scientific achievements and religious interpretations. Thus, comprehensive western liberalism contains groups historically perceived as competitors or even enemies, such as liberal christians, radical democrats or homosexuals. But any ideology supporting freedom of speech and protection from tyranny is still part of this liberal heritage.

What is not “liberal” for us?

Existence requires limits. We reject arbitrary relativism. Exaggerated tolerance of anti western ideologies leads to the destruction of our liberal order and has to be rejected also. Any attempt of dismantling the progress achieved by western enlightenment via fundamentalist religions such as islam has to be promptly and forcefully thwarted. We are equally opposed to anti-liberal developments from within the west: Radical feminism, fascism, communism, and postmodern developments such as the gender ideology are in direct opposition to the fundamental tenets of the enlightenment, eroding civil rights and therefore incompatible with our commitment to liberal western tradition. Liberal tenets can only survive when they are actively protected.


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