Why Mens Rights

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Equality is a symmetrical concept. And so are equal rights. As much as women’s rights are introduced under the umbrella of equal rights, men’s rights have to be introduced just the same. Men have legitimate political interests and these interests have to be represented in a democracy. Men have the right to be protected from tyranny, too. Men have the right to autonomy, too. Men want to have choice, too. Human rights cannot be reduced to women’s rights. Equality needs men’s rights. Equal rights have to include men’s rights on par with women’s rights. Without men, the political center crumbles. Without men, democracy fails. Without the explicit protection of men’s rights, our society falls apart. Nobody can choose to be a man. But we can own up to being men and to supporting other men and mankind.

What are not men’s rights?

Discussions on “gender identity” are diverting attention from the core liberal value: Protection from tyranny. Governments should refrain from attempting to further or obstruct some specific male or female role model, so people can execute their free choice on pursuing their own happiness. We therefore neither intend to go back to a specific traditional distribution of roles among the sexes, nor do we intend to go forward to some specific (postmodern) gender utopia. We rather demand respect for human nature, respect for autonomy and individual choice and respect for the various western liberal ways of life.


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